Frantseska-Maria PelleraResearcher

Dr. Frantseska-Maria Pellera in an Environmental Engineer (Technical University of Crete, 2010), holding a M.Sc. Diploma in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (Technical University of Crete, 2011) and a Ph.D. Diploma in Environmental Engineering (Technical University of Crete, 2017). During her studies, F.-M. Pellera has been awarded many scholarships, and specifically during her doctoral studies, she was a scholar of the ‘Alexander S. Onassis’ Public Benefit Foundation.

Currently, she works as a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.

Her research interests include management, treatment and valorization of solid organic waste (e.g. anaerobic digestion, biochar production, solid biofuels, etc.), as well as removal of contaminants from water and wastewater and soil remediation, using waste-derived adsorbents and amendments (lignocellulosic and waste biomass, biochar, etc.). Her publication record includes 9 papers in international peer reviewed scientific journals and 33 publications in international scientific conferences.


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