Ioanna VasiliadouResearcher

Dr. Ioanna Vasiliadou is a post-doctoral researcher at the Environmental Engineering Department of DUTH. Dr. Vasiliadou received her Degree (2004) and PhD (2008) both from the Dep. of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, University of Ioannina, Greece. In her PhD thesis she studied the Biological removal of nitrates from drinking water. As a postdoctoral researcher, she worked in three countries (Greece, Spain, Italy) and six institutes. During her active presence in research, Dr. Vasiliadou´s research has focused on the field of Environmental Engineering, including Environmental Remediation technologies, Biotechnological Processes and Biomass Waste Valorisation: i) Water and wastewater treatment, ii) Advanced bio-oxidation processes, iii) Biodiesel production, iv) Resources and energy recovery, v) Soil and groundwater bioremediation, vi) Bio-electrochemical systems, vii) Mathematical modelling. Dr. Vasiliadou has been the Author of 31 peer-reviewed articles in professional journals (citations: 707, h-index: 13), one book chapter and 31 international and national conference proceedings publications. She serves as peer reviewer for 33 Journals and she is evaluator of scientific proposals for the French and the Spanish National Research Agencies. She has been participated in 7 research projects and has been awarded 5 personal competitive postdoctoral research grants.

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