Katerina VavourakiResearcher

PhD, Philosophy Diploma and Master Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (2009), Ptychion (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree) in Chemistry, University of Patras (2003).

Research experience and publications in the field of Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology. Research experience in the development of analytical techniques for measuring inorganic and environmental samples: Characterization of physicochemical and biological wastewater (municipal and agro-industrial waste) and added value bio-products (polyphenols, rhamnolipids, sophorolipids). Disintegration of porous materials (i.e. limestone, sandstone) from salts. Study of crystallization (and dissolution) mechanisms and inhibition of salts. Nano-scale studies of crystallisation and dissolution of monocrystals (calcite) in the presence of impurities (sulphates, fluorides). Key mechanisms of environmental wastewater treatment and management (Anaerobic co-digestion process).

Currently A. Vavouraki works on solid waste management considering geopolymerization of mining and metallurgical wastes and by-products (i.e. waste concrete, fly ash, ferronickel slag etc.) and removal of toxic heavy metals from modified waste by-products at the Laboratory of Technologies for Management of Mining/ Metallurgical Wastes & Rehabilitation of Contaminated Soils, School of Mineral Resources Engineering, Technical University of Grete.

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