Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology

 In Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Universities

The Laboratory of Chemistry and Environmental Technology – Department of Chemistry, AUTh holds long and recognized expertise in the fields of advanced materials and chemical processes for a wide range of technological applications, in the areas of environment protection and remediation, (bio)fuels and (bio)chemicals production, aerospace, coatings, heritage protection and restoration, etc.

Related activities: Science and technology of separation of components from wastes, environmental biotechnology, recovery and removal of toxic metals from aqueous solutions (hydrometallurgy), environmental technology by applying both physicochemical and biological processing methods, and their appropriate combinations. Recycling/ utilization of industrial by-products (eg. fly ash, red sludge, silicates, etc.), as well as treatment of solid toxic industrial wastes by the application of hydrometallurgical, physico-chemical (inactivation-stabilizing) and thermal (vitrification) methods. Water and wastewater treatment at research level as well as in practice, including analysis and characterization of samples. Waste biomass (lignocellulosic, lipid) valorization via advanced thermochemical treatments and catalytic processing towards high added value chemicals, fuels and materials.


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